Cecep Gaos Talks about Himself and Education

Cecep Gaos (Dok. Pribadi)

My Story

Hello, my name is Cecep Gaos. Some people call me Gaos, some call me Cepga. I graduated from The English Education Department of State Institute for Islamic Studies Bandung,  Indonesia, in 2005. After graduating from this institute, I applied for and accepted as English instructor in some English courses. Then, in the middle of the year, I tried to apply as an elementary school teacher in a school. Fortunately, I was accepted as a teacher in SD Puri Artha (Puri Artha Elementary School) Karawang, West Java, Indonesia, which is organized by The Puri Artha Foundation. At that time, I taught English subject in this school. For about half a year, I became a part time teacher in this school. 

Thank God, Alhamdulillah, on January 1st 2006, the foundation stated and accepted me as a full time teacher. Since then, beside teaching English, I have been given a responsibilty to be a homeroom teacher. Therefore, beside teaching English, I taught other subjects related to Elementary School curriculum in Indonesia, like Bahasa Indonesian, Science, Pendidikan Lingkungan Hidup (Environmental Education), Sundanese (local language), and so on.

In 2009, the foundation gave me other responsibility to be a vice principal in this school. This is a challenging task and responsibility as a teacher. I carried on this responsibility for three periods until 2016.  

In 2013, to support my teaching profession and enhanche my ability in teaching elementary school students, I went to Pasundan University Bandung, Indonesia, majored in Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar (Elementary School Teacher Education). 
Since I became a full time teacher of elementary school in 2006, I decided to become a professional teacher. I chose it as my best career. I chose to dedicate my career to elementary school teaching because I love teaching and children. I love teaching just because it is not only as a profession for supporting my life in this world but also as a kind of worship for my hereafter life. I love children because children age is the first stage for the next phases of life. It determines the future life and generation.

I think and believe that I have made an outstanding contribution to my profession as an elementary school teacher. I have tried to up-grade and up-date my teaching skills and competencies. 


The digital literacy is one of skills and competencies should be mastered by students in the 21st century. This is because in this century, human beings use digital devices in almost all of life aspects.

In order that the students are able and master this digital literacy skill and competency, in 2016 I made the teaching innovation by making a 21st century teaching learning model. I called this model as You-Do teaching learning model. You-Do stands for YouTube and Edmodo . This is an alternative and innovative teaching learning model which enables students master the learning materials easily. This model is designed by using on-line digital multimedia YouTube and Edmodo.

As we know, YouTube is a video sharing web. It enables the users to upload, watch, and share videos. Meanwhile, Edmodo is social media based on-line teaching learning platform which is designed and created for teachers, students, and parents.  Edmodo has the similar design with Facebook. Edmodo is developed by principles of group or social media based classroom management. There are some on-line learning materials and evaluation features in edmodo.  They are Polling, Grade Book, Quiz, File and Links, Library, Assignment, Award Badge, and Parent Code.
I used and combined YouTube and Edmodo all together in one teaching learning process. This model can increase learning result, motivation, and digital literacy skills of students. The result of and more detailed about this model can be seen in this LINK.
Teaching Achievements

To be honest, I do not have many achievements in teaching. Since 2006, formally, I only have got three awards in teaching. The first was the second winner of  "Lomba Guru Berprestasi" (Teacher Best Achievement) for district level of East Telukjambe Karawang West Java in 2013. The second was the fourth winner of Indonesian Innovative Education Competition (IIEC) for national level in 2016 which was held by Indonesian Education University in collaboration with West Java Government. The third was the first winner of  "Lomba Guru Berprestasi" (Teacher Best Achievement) for district level of East Telukjambe Karawang West Java in 2017. Besides, I got the Teacher of the Year category of Puri Artha Elementary School from Puri Artha Foundation in 2013. 

Classroom Achievement

My teaching skills and competencies have made and produced excellent results in the terms of student outcomes. I take my English teaching as the example. Through my teaching way and approach, English became one of favorite subjects in my school. More than 90% of students who got the good and excellent scores, went beyond or upper than the expected or minimum score, in every examination or evaluation. 

There are some students, who have continued to the next level of education or school, shown the excellent English. They were often asked by the teacher to explain the English materials to other friends in the school. There was an excellent student who got the winner of English debate in the following school for the English regional and/or national contest.

In the classroom, beside giving the good instructions, I carried on “Limit” Activities. Limit stands for lima belas menit (fifteen minutes). Limit activities is early morning activities which are carried out before teaching and learning process began. Limit activities consist of four activities. They are Praying, Singing the National Anthem of Indonesia Raya or other National Songs, Reciting Pancasila (Indonesian five bases), and Reciting the shorts surah of Quran. Praying is the first activity in the Limit. In this occasion, All students and the teacher-led by a student- pray by reciting surah Al-Fatihah and pray for parents and gaining knowledge easily. The second, all students and the teacher sing the National Anthem of Indonesia Raya or other National Songs. When singing, the students and the teachers should sing it correctly and spiritfully. The third, the students and the teachers recite Pancasila or the five bases of Indonesia loudly, correctly, and with full of spirit. The last, all students and the teacher reacite the short surah of Quran. The chosen surahs have been prepared before.
By carrying out this “Limit” activities, the students have good nationalism, religious literacy skills, discipline, and so on. 

Preparing Students for The Future

The 21st century  has changed some aspect of life. Therefore, the teachers and all stake holders should reform any kinds of ways and efforts in educating people.

In 2030, the teachers should be an agent of change and master the 21st century teaching.  The 21st century teaching is the teaching that prepare the students to be able to master 21st century skills, such as digital literacy, critical thinking and problem solving, citizenship, collaboration, student leadership and so on.

In this case, the government should make a good policy in education which is in line with the 21st century needs. Besides, the government should facilitate the education institutions with good facilities and financing.

Meanwhile, the school should design the good and suitable curriculum which is supporting the 21st century teaching and learning process. Besides, the civil society should give the best support for the development of education institutions.

As the result, all these efforts from all stake holders will create good outcomes or students who are able to live in the 21st century world.

Impact on the Community

As a teacher, I do not only teach my students, but also build their characters. I also try to make them motivate their selves to be better and better. Besides, I try to maintain our relationship. One of my simple efforts is by -for example- preparing them before enter the classroom by arrange them into lines outside the classroom to check their nails, whether their nails are long or not. It is important to make their body and clothes in clean and neat condition.

Besides, I try to disseminate my knowledge and give impact to my fellow teachers. In 2011, 2013 and 2016, I became a member of the curriculum development team. I take a part in carrying out some programs held by the team.

In 2012 to 2014, I became the leader of English teachers work group. In this work group I often became a source person and encouraged the members about English teaching.

In 2015 to 2017, I became an English teachers coordinator in elementary school work group in my region. In this work group I had a role in enhancing English teachers skills in teaching English.

Developing Global Citizens

In this 21st century, as a teacher, I should master the global citizenship skills. This is because I should educate and develop my students about the knowledge about global life, so that they are able to understand it. They have to have a wide horizon about global life.

Therefore, I tried to develop my global knowledge, association and communication. In 2016, I joined the regular course on Environmental Education for Sustainable Development held by Seameo Qitep in Science. The participants of this course are from ASEAN member countries. In this course, I could learn about the course materials about environmental and the culture of ASEAN member countries as well. So that, I could connect my local thought and life with the global  life. Coming back from this course or event I shared my experiences and knowledge to my students and peers.

Besides, In September 2017, I joined the Microsoft community and got the first badge as Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator. In this community, I can learn and teach my students through global knowledge and citizens. []

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